Hendrick Chevrolet Monroe - Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac of Monroe Did Faulty Work on My Brakes

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

Filed on : November 7 2011

Filed by :

Mary Carter

2534 Carroll Street

Monroe NC 28110

Filed against :

Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac

3112 W Highway 74

Monroe NC 28110-8437

Complaint Description:

On September 9th, I took my car in to Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac at 3112 Hwy 74 West in Monroe, NC because the brake pedal went to the floor ONCE. I was able to pump the brake and it caught. Tom Hornsby, the advisor, said I needed a new master brake cylinder, installed it, and charged me $603.34 for the brake work. Had someone test driven the car afterwards (which they did not) they would have seen the brakes were still making the same noise. The young lady that drives me to church on Wednesday mornings took me in my car on October 26th and said, "Mrs. Carter! What's wrong with your brakes?" They were still making a hissing sound like they did before. My son, David, went to talk to the folks at Hendrick's on Friday of that same week about my brakes still not being fixed. They claimed it now needed another part called a brake booster and they quoted him $650 for the job (including the part). They came down to $500 after my son complained about the $378.99 labor charge from before. My daughter, Patricia, did some calling around and found a very reputable shop who did the work for $225.00. I feel my car never needed a Master Brake Cylinder to begin with since it only has 78,000 miles on it. In all likelihood, all it evr needed was the brake booster. The brakes now work fine, no thanks to Hendrick's in Monroe. I was driving a totally unsafe car around for almost 2 months until Erica asked me why they were making that sound. I am very disappointed in the poor service I received from Hendrick Chevrolet Cadillac on Monroe. The Invoice # for the work done on September 9th is CVCS68832.

Your Desired Resolution:

I am asking for a full refund for the faulty work done on my brakes September 9th in the amount of $603.34. That is the least Hendrick's can do for their negligence. I am 84 years old and trusted Hendrick's to fix the brakes and assumed they were fixed until Erica said something.

Review about: Master Brake Cylinder.



This issue was resolved to the customer's complete satisfaction the day after her complaint. Our goal here at Hendrick Chevy Cadillac is 100% satisfaction, and we were happy to be able to work with her to reach an amicable solution.

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